Office Cleaning Services

Many office cleaning services provide spot cleaning because it isn’t possible to provide great value and clean each of the walls on every visit. This makes sense for many businesses, but for us it does not. We understand that keeping the office looking great is only half the job, to have a clean and safe work environment; you need to stop disease transmission from contaminated surfaces.
That’s why the Master’s Touch cleaning program includes anti-bacterial cleaning of frequently touched areas, even when they appear spotless. This includes door handles, light switches, and those typical places where people find themselves comfortably leaning. By taking this comprehensive approach we are able to continue offering a great value service at the same time as helping reduce lost time and productivity due to staff illness.

Our range of services include:

  • Soft and hard floor maintenance
  • Spot cleaning and cross-contamination location sanitizing
  • Dusting and particle removal
  • Trash emptying and re-lining or re-using clean liners
  • Window cleaning services
  • Break room cleaning services
  • Complete restroom cleaning
  • High-level dusting
  • As well as many other scheduled tasks

After Party Cleaning Services

After Party Cleaning Services are quite complex, it requires a quick and thorough cleaning solution. We help make the place clean and appropriate for other people to use. It may be a commercial cleaning space like a restaurant, hotel or home; we have a dedicated team to manage after party cleaning

The Process includes:

  • Garbage cleanup & waste management service available
  • Sweeping and Brushing
  • Cleaning out all spots of foods, drinks etc.
  • Washing out the floor with floor cleaning agents
  • Dishwashing Services available

Upholstery cleaning

Last Minute Maids offers upholstery cleaning for homes & offices. We have a trained and professional team of cleaners, who follow the standard of the cleaning industry and have an exclusive process for upholstery cleaning.
Our upholstery cleaning process gives a new life to your furniture and fabrics without damaging them.

Upholstery Cleaning Process:

  • Inspecting the Site & Evaluation
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Scrubbing
  • Rinsing
  • Stain-guard Protector


There is an incredible amount of work and investment that goes into holding an event. It has to be done right the first time and there are no second chances. Then once your successful event has completed, you can finally breath again. By partnering with our large established company, you can breath easy. We’ve got a trained and energetic crew, all with the right equipment for the job, ready to come in and clean up right on schedule.

Maybe it’s not your property, maybe it was a once off event. For us it makes no difference because we’ve worked really hard, and satisfied a lot of customers, to establish our reputation in this industry. And we see every job as an opportunity to prove why we deserve it. We work hard and we work fast, but most of all we work diligently. Only by paying attention to the little details, does everything come together perfectly at the end.

Often cleanup can run alongside bump-out and packup. And after a big event it can be hard to tell who is meant to be there and who is just hanging around after. Our staff arrive in company branded vehicles and we only park where arranged. The distinctive Master’s Touch Cleaning Company uniforms that every one of our staff members wear makes it simple to spot them even in the busiest locations. This means it is easier to know who is meant to be there, and it helps you recognised our willing and helpful crew so they can meet your needs