Home Cleaning

No matter how messy it is, we do the best.

Last Minute Maids will take care of your home cleaning. We have a Professional & Experienced cleaning team. Our home cleaning services ensure that the best cleaning is delivered to you every time. Our staff has a guideline for home cleanings, and they are flexible to execute as per your requirement as well. Last Minute Maids has a motto to make your residence clean & hygienic. In order for you to find our service easy going. Our customer service team will take care of your suggestions, inquiries, and complaints. This way we make sure each of our clients is satisfied with our services.

Kitchen Cleaning Includes

  • Gas stove cleaning
  • Sink area cleaning
  • Brushing & mopping
  • Dust bin & garbage cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning Includes

  • Making Beds
  • Brushing & Mopping
  • Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning
  • Carpet & Sofa General Cleaning

Our many services are integrated into one modern system

We start with a solid foundation of best business practices, which include rewarding our staff with attractive pay packages, effective training, helpful equipment, and a strong culture. As soon as a staff member discovers a better way of doing something, we test it out, compare it, then execute it for all our staff to benefit from. We invest in appropriate technology, like customized Help Desk solutions for resolving and learning from client complaints to the most effective chemicals for getting the job done safely.

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